About Me

    Name:Njan van Kalip
    Location:Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands

What can i say? I’m Dutch, straight, averse to any kind of narcotics and a teetotaller. Which makes me wonder, what the hell am I doing in Netherlands? Sometimes I think of moving to a place far away, like India or something!!! Apart from birdwatching – which I pursue with unbounded vigour- my other passions include watching movies, programming and sleeping, in that particular order.


3 Responses to “van Kalip a.k.a. Mathew”

  1. Varun Says:

    WHAT THE FUCK … ??>..

    how the hell can patti mathayi be dutch…
    an also haven i done you enough harm to at least earn a place among your friends list????….

  2. van Kalip Says:

    [@ Varun]

    Ahh, the myriad mysteries of life. I will add you to my friends’ list. Just have some patience.

  3. cathedralist Says:

    Hahh! An ABCD (Abroad Bivouacked Confused Desi) blogging in double dutch… understandable only to Mal-loose and Mallis – Shed-do! What more could God’s own want?

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