Alan Moore’s most underrated graphic novel tells the story of V, a mysterious anarchist who works to destroy the ruling totalitarian government, while profoundly affecting the people he encounters along his journey. He is a freedom fighter seeking to effect sociopolitical change while simultaneously pursuing his own violent personal agenda. As a part of the grand finale of his plan, he wants to blow up the parliament building as a throwback to Guy Fawkes. However he doesn’t want to kill all the parliamentarians – there are people who are sympathetics to his cause. The three main issues on which V opposes the government are right to privacy, freedom of information and civil rights. 20% of the MPs support him on the first issue, 15% on the second and 25% on the third. V also knows which of the parliamentarians side with him on each of these issues. The rest of the novel deals with the protagonist running complex mathematical programming and simulation models to determine the most optimum time to blow up the parliament building so as to kill the least people sympathetic to his causes. The name of the novel? V for Venn-Data, of course.



May 5, 2007

Q) What happened to all the posts?

A) How dumb are you? I deleted them.

Q) But why? I thought they were nice…

A) It was a spur of the moment thing. I was following in the footsteps of my good pal Arjun ‘Lungi’ Ramakrishnan.

Q) So why are you back on the blogosphere?

A) My sensei Sri-Ram has started blogging again. He didn’t have any friends on his blogroll. I felt sorry for him and let him add me. But of course, it’s not very polite to leave an empty blog.

Q) So does this mean you won’t be updating your blog?

A) Maybe. Maybe not. Who the *bleep* are you to ask?

Q) Isn’t this van Kalip gimmick a bit outdated/stale by now?

A) Oh really? Let me see your blog title

Q) What’s with the grumpiness?

A) The end semester examinations I am being subjected to might have something to do with it. It’s hard to say. I generally like insulting people online.

Q) Do you still maintain that Simpla is the best WordPress template ever?

A) Oh yeah! Update: I am trying out this new template as you can see. But it’s just because I got bored. Will revert back to Simple some time later.

Q) May I ask how the exam went today?

A) That’s it. Now get out of here before I log your IP address and report you to the FBI for nefarious online activities.