May 5, 2007

Q) What happened to all the posts?

A) How dumb are you? I deleted them.

Q) But why? I thought they were nice…

A) It was a spur of the moment thing. I was following in the footsteps of my good pal Arjun ‘Lungi’ Ramakrishnan.

Q) So why are you back on the blogosphere?

A) My sensei Sri-Ram has started blogging again. He didn’t have any friends on his blogroll. I felt sorry for him and let him add me. But of course, it’s not very polite to leave an empty blog.

Q) So does this mean you won’t be updating your blog?

A) Maybe. Maybe not. Who the *bleep* are you to ask?

Q) Isn’t this van Kalip gimmick a bit outdated/stale by now?

A) Oh really? Let me see your blog title

Q) What’s with the grumpiness?

A) The end semester examinations I am being subjected to might have something to do with it. It’s hard to say. I generally like insulting people online.

Q) Do you still maintain that Simpla is the best WordPress template ever?

A) Oh yeah! Update: I am trying out this new template as you can see. But it’s just because I got bored. Will revert back to Simple some time later.

Q) May I ask how the exam went today?

A) That’s it. Now get out of here before I log your IP address and report you to the FBI for nefarious online activities.


3 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. VDG Says:

    ^_^, nice.
    Welcome back esteemed student. VDG and Sensei welcome you back.

    wordpress sucks, shift to blogger!

  2. Mathew Says:

    Never! I am committed to WordPress for life.

  3. Thanks for the advice, SNAP Priview is gone forever.
    I just have a question : WhenTF are you launching the search engine and NMS?
    Wordpress is god. Blogger? Looks like someone is getting carried along the google hype.
    Stop blogging now and go write the exams carefully. I won’t ask you how your exam went today, that I can sense from the voice of the blog. Another thing that I can sense, though unwillingly, is that if you keep roaming around on the blogosphere these few days, you will be on your way to reserve a hostel room for your stay during this summer at Roorkee.

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